Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lobster Roll....Donut?

Kane’s Donuts has been handcrafting sweets in Saugus since 1955, and recently opened a Boston location. I tend to venture to the Saugus location and can gobble up an old-fashioned glaze in about 15 seconds. I need a donut fix! I'm going to have to head over to the Boston location, Kane's Handcrafted, on Oliver Street real soon.

With the expansion to a second location has come some experimentation with their renowned donuts. President and co-owner Paul Delios instituted the “dowich”; which is basically the new Holy Grail of brunches. Kane’s Handcrafted is introducing a twist on the traditional lobster roll by using brioche-based doughnuts instead of bread. Um, yum. You can also get braised beef and chicken between buttery, brioche-based doughnuts. But when in New England, especially Massachusetts, you can’t skip the seafood.

"Why has this not been done sooner?", is my only question. Kane's Donuts, how I've loved you since I was a kid, selling newspapers on Sunday mornings out front of your shop. You never cease to amaze me and I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these! God help us if this is something that turns up on a Dunkin' Donuts menu.


Keep doing you Kane's and we will keep devouring the details of all of your donuts!

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