Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Buzz into Spring with these Boozy Libations

We're ready to get outdoors and sip on some springy cocktails as the sun shines this April. With the help of your local farmer's market, you can equip yourself with the freshest seasonal ingredients for the best boozy libations. Fruits, veggies and edible flowers are in bloom and can turn any beverage into one you won't want to put down. Buzz into spring with some of our favorites; we're looking forward to trying these out as well!

Snap, Chat and Rum


With a name like this, how could we resist? The Snap, Chat and Rum seems like a simple Daiquiri but adds fennel and snap peas to take it to peak springtime freshness. Those seasonal ingredients and a high-quality rum will make this one of the best Daiquiris you’ve ever had. Get the recipe here.

Batida Rosa


A citrus sensation! This sugar cane spirit is perfect with fresh juices and light flavors; pineapple and lemon juices combined with grenadine and topped off with club soda. Sounds like a perfect warm-weather drink to us! Get the recipe here.

Apricot Whisky Sour


This cocktail totally utilizes the seasonal ingredients spring brings about. Adding apricot to this quintessential, and rather historic, libation takes it to the next level. Don't forget to top it off with some fresh fruit slices for that extra taste of spring! Get the recipe here.

Kiwi Capiroska

Kiwi Capiroska

Kiwi, lime, and mint muddled together creates an ever so refreshing cocktail for the spring. We recommend sipping on this adult beverage while on a hammock in the shade. It pairs perfect with a bit of relaxation! Get the recipe here.

Kumquat Sangria

Kumquat Sangria

There's nothing better in the springtime than a cold glass of sangria. By adding the kumquat to the wine you're drawing out its natural earthy flavors. One of the tastiest libations around! Get the recipe here.

We are so excited to sip on some of these recipes! Join us in celebrating seasonal ingredients by devouring the details of the best boozy libations that will have you buzzing through spring!

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