Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Top 10 Outdoor Places to Visit in Boston Provided by Foursquare

Being from Boston and having visited many of these places throughout our lives, we can stand behind these top 10 rated outdoor places to visit in Boston based on Foursquare check-ins.
With the help of Foursquare, you can discover new places using recommendations from a community you trust. To come up with these rankings, Foursquare used a proprietary algorithm that utilizes three factors:

Visit Popularity — how popular a place is
Tip Sentiment — whether someone using the app describes a place using positive or negative language
Explicit Ratings — whether someone gives the place a like, dislike, or neutral rating using the app

From the scenic Esplanade views to the new Shawmut fixture at the Rose Kennedy Greenway, these are the best outdoor areas to visit this spring and summer.

10. Christopher Columbus Park, rating: 9.05

9. Copley Square, rating: 9.19

8. Charles River, rating: 9.26

7. Harvard Square, rating: 9.27

6. The Freedom Trail, rating: 9.29

5. Castle Island, rating: 9.33

4. The Rose Kennedy Greenway, rating: 9.52

3. The Esplanade, rating: 9.55

2. Boston Common, rating: 9.57

1. Boston Public Garden, rating: 9.63

Devour the details of the top 10 rated best outdoor places to visit in Boston this spring and summer! Leave it to Foursquare to track a community you can trust. They can always ensure a good time and special site to see!

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