Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wedding Wednesdays: Standout Reception Sensations

Bon appetit! The tastier the eats, the sooner your guests will be on their feet. Our recommendation is to not be afraid to throw in a reception curveball! From farm-to-table to the perfect match, we're all about these cuisines. Consider adding our standout sensations to your menu!
Farm Favorites

Beet and Goat Cheese Appetizer

Source ingredients from your wedding locale and make them the focal point of your food setup. Working with small farmers, you might come across a lot of seasonal ingredients. Keep in mind, only some of these or other options may work for your expected wedding date. And remember beets are a treat (just look how beautiful that pop of purple is)!

Local Love

Seafood Raw Bar Cocktail Hour Food

If you want to highlight the regional cuisine of where you both come from or maybe where you met, there are so many options to do so. For instance, if Louisiana and crawdaddies pull at your heartstrings, a seafood boil might be the perfect menu option. Your guests will love the fact that you're sharing this personal moment with them.

Better Together

Tacos and Margaritas in Mini Patron Bottles

Because nothing goes better with tacos than tequila. We can attest to that! Favorite dishes shrunk down to bite-size tapas accompanied by small sips will delight your guests during cocktail hour. Some other miniature pairing ideas to consider: sliders with mini mugs of craft beers, grilled cheese finger sandwiches with Bloody Mary shooters, and tuna tartare cones with sake cups. Sometimes big flavors come in small packages!

Perfect Presentation

Ring for champagne bell

Want something quite interactive that your family and friends will love? Have a “press for champagne" framed doorbell sign that guests can ring to request a waiter to hand them a glass of bubbly. Talk about service! Bring us the bubbly!

Opposites Attract

Olive Oil and Saffron Ice Cream...quite the combination. We can't say no to this tasty treat! Perfectly refreshing for a summer wedding but has a bite that will warm you up on those chilly fall days. Your guests will really swoon with a spoon of this ice cream!

Make your menu standout with these sensations and devour the details of your wedding reception!

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