Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday Mashups: Ticketmaster and Facebook Official Collab

Big news on the horizon! Ticketmaster will start selling event tickets directly on Facebook by the end of April, joining the growing number of companies placing core parts of their businesses inside the social giant’s evolving media platform. Ticketmaster and large companies alike with online commerce outfits and web publishers, are willing to go direct-through-Facebook since they see their customers spending less time on websites and more within a handful of mobile apps, with Facebook often the top destination. No surprise there! By putting the ability to buy tickets directly within Facebook, Ticketmaster hopes that they’re going to provide a more seamless purchase experience and sell more tickets.

The amount of time the top mobile apps command from those who use them is staggering. 84% of all time spent in non-native apps on mobile devices is spent within just five apps, according to Forrester. This positions Facebook as a channel for all types of business to reach their customers and audiences on an even greater basis. To date, Facebook’s willingness to bring other businesses inside has largely been limited to its main app. The main Facebook app hosts publisher content via its quick-loading Instant Articles product and the potential for online shops built into ‘pages.’ Now, with Ticketmaster, it is extending its reach to event ticketing as well. A win-win for this collab!

When someone purchases a Ticketmaster ticket on Facebook, the social network will collect a standard affiliate fee from Ticketmaster. Also, while Ticketmaster purchases occur on Facebook, tickets must be “claimed” via Ticketmaster’s website and app. To start, the buy-on-Facebook option will be limited to a select group of general admission events. But we will look for that to expand should the initial phase go as well as expected. We are truly excited to see how this partnership grows!

Read more about this awesome collab and watch out for Ticketmaster as they devour the details and take Facebook by storm!

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