Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Mashups: Seven Standout Balloon Displays

These ain't your typical helium-filled globes gathered in bunches or shaped into arches. No, no. We're talking unique, one-of-a-kind displays of all shapes, sizes, heights and prints. You'll never go back to a dull, standard balloon again! Check out these seven standout balloon displays to use at your next event!

Bar Backdrop

<p> A balloon backdrop behind a glowing bar set the stage for the Institute of Contemporary Art's 75th Anniversary Gala’s...

Give the illusion the bar is floating with this backdrop balloon display. The backlight creates a glow that will make this a focal point in any space!

Make an Entrance

<p> Hermès threw a beachside party in Palm Beach, Florida, in March 2013 with balloons wrapped in the luxury brand’s...

These printed balloons are perfect for an outdoor event. They remind us of beach balls but are a bit more elegant! Utilize them where guests come in for a grand entrance.

Turn Your World Upside Down

<p> At the Friends of the High Line’s opening summer benefit in June 2009, held at the <a href="">Pier Sixty...

For a natural element, go green, and have a grass and roots experience on the ceiling! Your guests won't know which side is up (kidding, of course).

Balloon Billboard

<p> For its 20th birthday, Old Navy held a “selfiebration” in Times Square in October 2014, complete with a “balloon...

This is the craziest thing we've seen done with balloons, and we absolutely love it. For its 20th birthday, Old Navy held a “selfiebration” in Times Square, complete with display. Covered with 1,000 custom balloons, the 15-foot billboard was created by Deeplocal, which referred to the creation as a “selfie machine”. The marketing agency’s software grabbed images from Twitter that had the “sefliebration” hashtag and rasterized the photos to display them on the billboard via inflated balloons. Ah-mazing!

Be Cool in the Pool

<p> Balloon Express constructed a floating, multicolored display for the Wildfox pool party in the Boulan South Beach pool during...

Nothing beats a floating masterpiece! Put together a fun display in any pool on a hot summer's day for added décor. We love how this looks!


<p> At a Vogue Eyewear launch party, which was held at a private home in Los Angeles in March 2013...

For fun photo opps, create a step-and-repeat with eye-catching Mylar balloons. Your guests will love this feature and it will surely be a standout in all of the pictures from the night!

Larger Than Life

<p> Self-taught “balloon twister” Addi Somekh makes unique, larger-than-life balloon installations, such as the pink poodle that greeted guests at...

In this case, the bigger, the better! Make your display over-the-top with a larger than life balloon animal.

We hope this got your creative juices flowing! Don't waste time on those dated displays, get inflated and devour the details of these standouts today!

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