Thursday, September 15, 2016

Seacoast Sweets: Your New Favorite Chocolate

Similar to that of Mark Zuckerberg, what started off as a dream in a college dorm room has now turned into a blooming production for Seacoast Sweets Founder, Kirstyn Pearl. Never did she imagine that her grandfather's recipe for peppermint patties and the demand for authentic New England chocolate would turn her into a full-fledged business owner practically overnight! After graduation, Kirstyn took on a full-time job in commercial real estate but the requests for her sweets kept pouring in. She continued making the confections, creating new flavors, pulling all-nighters in her family’s West Newbury kitchen and packaging boxes in her car during lunch breaks from her day job. From there, she decided to "go bigger or go home" and expanded to a year-round operation and in 2016 created a Kickstarter campaign to help contribute to the success of her growing company.

Seacoast Sweets

In a short amount of time, Seacoast Sweets was able to have their goal of $37,500 completely funded, making them the 5th (out of 613) “most funded” chocolate Kickstarter campaign of all time. In April, Kirstyn acquired some space in a factory that allowed for larger equipment and production and she has been able to hire a handful of employees that share in the same love of chocolate she has. With this funding, Seacoast Sweets has also been able to develop valuable relationships with various manufacturers in other countries, including China. In addition to that, a number of innovative firms have submitted visionary proposals and plans for social media exposure, branding, and marketing that are all being taken into consideration. However, treating people across the globe to her phenomenal chocolate patties and turning a profit isn't Kirstyn's only concerns. She has made it known that what drives her to do this is her passion to inspire and help others.

After recognizing that her company is a vehicle by which she could raise money and donate to some of her favorite charities, Kirstyn was more inspired than ever to ensure the success of Seacoast Sweets, not only as a business venture, but as a worthy philanthropic endeavor. Through her company and initiatives, Kirstyn hopes to inspire her younger siblings, embedding within them a strong work ethic. She also hopes to inspire women, proving to them that not only can we achieve success in the male-dominated corporate world, but as independent business owners as well. Kirstyn hopes to continue to inspire fellow entrepreneurs, serving as a poster-child for what happens when one follows his or her passion!

Currently, Seacoast Sweets donates $1 for every 12 patties sold to Dream Big!, an organization that works to empower girls from low-income situations by providing them with the basic items and fees needed to participate in sports and physical activities that contribute to their health, education, and overall well-being.

The going-rate for a box of 12 of Seacoast Sweet's infamous chocolate patties is $35. Flavor options include coconut, peanut butter, peppermint and my favorite, s'mores! You can purchase a box of these assorted flavors if you can't decide on just one. Seacoast Sweets also offers Caramel Almond & Sea Salt Bark for $35 and a sampler box of these confections for $14. I highly recommend treating yourself to a box today.

Seacoast Sweets are sold in a few locations across Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. You may also see them at the Nantucket Wine Festival, Newburyport Farmers' Market and SoWa: Boston's South End Farmers' Market. Seacoast Sweets has options for wholesale and larger orders on their website for corporate gifts or wedding favors. Customers love their coastal look and local ties, making them a big hit across New England. Retailers have the option to sell Seacoast Sweets as individual patties or in box form and they will satisfy product reorders within 48 hours of submission.

Get to know more about Kirstyn, her journey and the future of Seacoast Sweets by following her Kickstarter campaign and updates. Then join us as we devour the details of this authentic New England chocolate one delicious pattie at a time!

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  1. Just stumbled across your awesome write-up (and even better blog - you have a new follower)! Can't thank you enough for the support!!! All the best, Kirstyn (owner)