Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wedding Wednesdays: The Hitchhiking Bride

Would you hitchhike to your wedding? When things go awry, some brides decide to take matters into their own hands! Angelique Arsenault of New Hampshire, whom tied the knot this past Saturday, did just that. After waiting 11 years to marry her groom, a flat tire wasn’t going to stop this determined bride from walking down the aisle on her special day!

With her limo rendered inoperable along an infrequently traveled road in Brookline, New Hampshire, Angelique stuck out her thumb and hitchhiked to her wedding venue in nearby Milford. At first, her bridal party just laughed after receiving word of the flat tire from their driver but the fear of missing Angelique's big day and groom Jarrod Dunning patiently waiting and worrying set in. With confidence fueled by champagne, Angelique, in her white dress, veil and heels was able to flag down a passing motorist who gladly helped get her to the altar!

Looking for help on the side of the road. (Image credit Angelique Arsenault)

The driver who stopped was a man named Jay. He had a car full of kids but was determined to help. So he dropped them off, returned, and asked the bride, “where to?” Amazingly, she only arrived a half hour late despite this small hiccup. Angelique went on to say the rest of her wedding was “amazing” and she now has a story her family will remember forever. Now on her honeymoon, she realizes Jay didn’t just save her wedding, he was the punctuation. “It pretty much made the whole day,” Angelique said.

Jarrod and Angelique (Image credit Danyelle DeLucia/Wildflower Photography)

We fully support this bride doing whatever she could to get to her ceremony on time! And big shout out to Jay who was awesome enough to help this bridal party out. May this story devour the details of Angelique's wedding for years to come!

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