Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pokemon Go...to Kane's Donuts

We feel like we always post about Kane's Donuts but how could we not? From selling newspapers out front when we were kids, to indulging on the weekends, these donuts give us life! And for the month of September, Kane's is taking the Pokémon Go game to the next level. That's right, forget the pumpkin spice and fall flavored donuts for now and in the meantime come get your new favorite donut, the Pokeball!


Both the shop’s Boston and Saugus locations are featuring this special Pokémon doughnut as one of its flavors of the month throughout September. The doughnut is filled with Bavarian crème, and topped with strawberry, vanilla and chocolate frosting, decorated to look like a Pokeball. Uh, yum!


Other special flavors to be offered throughout September include a caramel apple filled doughnut, an apple cider doughnut, and a gluten-free pumpkin spice doughnut. Kane’s will also feature a maple walnut cupcake for those with a real sweet-tooth. All the flavors of the month are available starting Thursday, September 1, through the last day of the month. You bet you'll catch us, like Squirtle, at Kane's one of these weekends!


So the next time your on the 'Go', make sure you stop over at Kane's and devour the details of a Pokémon experience unlike any other. We bet there's a Pokeball with your name on it!

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