Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Celebrate with the Institute of Contemporary Art

10 years ago, the Institute of Contemporary Art settled into its modern facility in the Seaport District after claiming 12 temporary homes throughout the city including ones on Boylston Street and State Street. Now, with a full decade of waterfront residency under the museum’s belt, it seems a celebration is in order. On Saturday, December 10th the ICA will host a Community Day to acknowledge its current building’s 10th anniversary and you're invited to join the party!

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Attendees can experience a free day of art, music, talks, tours, and even see themselves projected throughout the building as part of an installation by Boston-based artist Susannah Lawrence. How awesome is that? Free admission gives you free range to the exhibits and pieces found throughout the 62,000-square-foot building. If you haven't experienced the ICA yet, this is the perfect time to do so!

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Festivities will also include a performance by Dorchester’s Branches Steel Orchestra, an interactive podcast called “The Object Project,” and even giveaways of Japanese calligraphy and UNIQLO goods. Quite an array of takeaways from this all encompassing arts event. But the 10th anniversary of their current location isn't the only thing the Institute of Contemporary Art has to celebrate; it's also the 80th anniversary of when the museum was founded! Originally called the Boston Museum of Modern Art, in conjunction with New York City’s Museum of Modern Art, they opened their doors to the public in 1936. Incredible!


Community Day kicks off when the museum opens at 10AM on Saturday. Get there in the first two hours, and you may find a complimentary cup of coffee or hot chocolate waiting for you. What a way to get people there early! Community Day runs to 5PM and is free to all ages. Don't miss out on your chance to experience and devour the details of all that the Institute of Contemporary Art has to offer. Get your tickets here and wish the ICA a happy 10th and 80th anniversary!

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