Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday Mashups: Get Prime Tickets

There are so many vendors out there to purchase concert tickets from; StubHub, Ticketmaster, VividSeats, SeatGeek and Live Nation, just to name a few. But what if we told you there will soon be an easier way to acquire seats to your favorite shows? All you need is an Amazon Prime account. You may recall Amazon launching its online ticketing business last year in the U.K. Well now we are here to share that they are making moves to expand to Europe, Asia and the U.S. very soon!

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Dubbed Prime Tickets, part of the company’s pitch has been that it displays ticket fees up front, and customers can easily pay with the payment method they have on file with Amazon. Amazon's vision goes beyond just selling tickets as they aim to cater to the entire live entertainment experience, including what happens before, during and after the show. They believe the ticketing business is ripe for innovation and improvement, as much of the industry has not fundamentally changed since the 1970s.

The initiative is being led by a vice president, Ian Freed, who has been with Amazon for more than a decade and once served as CEO Jeff Bezos’s technical assistant. Freed was most recently the executive who launched Amazon’s Fire Phone. He then took a year-long sabbatical, and he now runs Amazon’s ever-growing restaurant-delivery service in addition to Amazon Tickets. A man with a plan, we only anticipate great things to come for Amazon with the help of Freed and his team.

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If Amazon attempts to enter the U.S. ticket-selling business, it would definitely face some competition. As we mentioned earlier, Ticketmaster and its parent company, Live Nation, as well as other sellers, are already dominant here in the U.S., and Amazon could struggle getting access to quality ticket inventory. Venues, music artists, promoters and sports teams in the U.S. often cut exclusive deals with these sites, so Amazon would have to convince them to alter their practices. But we believe Amazon has an edge by being upfront with the fees included in the ticket price. Bottom line, people want the best deal. If Amazon can included these deals with a Prime membership and negotiate a quality ticket inventory, we foresee this being a huge success.

Just another step in the right direction for Amazon as the devour the details of all things ecommerce!

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