Thursday, November 10, 2016

Remember What's Important

After a whirlwind Presidential Election, it's always necessary to take a step back and remember what's important in life. Like the many issues going on around the world that are bigger than our opinions on the new President. One thing that comes to mind is world hunger and the number of starving children across the globe. A real tragedy.

We're here to say our efforts can help! Here's one way how. Scarborough & Tweed, a leading provider of corporate gifts, has entered into an expanded partnership with World Food Programme USA to feed children in need across the globe. As part of its One Bag = One Meal campaign, they have designed a special custom bag that can be purchased on the retail market. Every bag purchased from the company's catalog provides a nutritious meal for a child in need through World Food Programme USA.

Since launching the One Bag = One Meal campaign in late 2015, the company has so far donated more than 50,000 meals to children in need. How amazing is that? With Scarborough & Tweed's support, the World Food Programme (WFP) can continue to break the cycle of hunger and poverty by empowering children in the poorest communities with education and good nutrition.

Scarborough & Tweed's bags are perfect for meetings, conferences, and events. The bags can tote gifts, giveaways, conference materials, and company literature. The bags also make a great impression as stand-alone gifts. Scarborough & Tweed produces the bags in its own manufacturing facility in New York. The bags come in a variety of styles, fabrics, and colors and can be fully customized. Attendees are always up for a reusable bag; why not make it even more special by recognizing the tie the product has to helping those in need!

UN World Food Programme

In addition to bags, Scarborough & Tweed offers an extensive line of world-class promotional products. With offices in New York and London, Scarborough & Tweed supplies brand-name merchandise, highly customized gifts, and inexpensive giveaways to events all over the world. Consider using them for your next event!

Scarborough & Tweed offers bags at a range of price points to fit any budget. The company has committed at least 25 cents per bag to World Food Programme USA. Support the WFP today and devour the details of you next event with the help of Scarborough & Tweed!

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