Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Creative Advent Calendars

It's about that time to start breaking out your advent calendars! Advent calendars were one of our favorite things to have in college because who doesn't love a piece of chocolate at the end of every day? Haha! So the inspiration for today's second blog (since I didn't post one on Monday) comes from these super creative advent calendars from Pinterest. Here are five of my favorites!

First up, this cute stack of Chinese takeout boxes. If you want it to feel more festive, use holiday colors or prints!


Simple and cheap, this advent calendar can be made with things around the house. Paper bags, clothespins, and string, put together giving a rustic holiday feel. I love this one!


I wish I knew about this one in college. Not only is it a really easy calendar to make but by putting it in the shape of a Christmas Tree you're able to create extra wall decorations. Simply amazing.


This is a great recyclable calendar. You can use empty toilet paper rolls to create this cabin-esque decoration. It would be very fun to rip through these numbers and find out what's on the other side!


Last but not least, for the people in your life who enjoy cooking, this converted cupcake tray makes the perfect advent calendar. Fill each cutout and cover with different colored and patterned paper for a festive feel. Super easy and a fun holiday kitchen adornment!


These details can easily be devoured so show me what you got! Get to creating some awesome calendars!

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