Monday, November 18, 2013

Creative Holiday Card Displays

The holidays are such a busy time and I know the cards always come pouring in to my house. Here are some creative ways to use your holiday cards on display as décor!

Punch holes in your cards, string some ribbon through them, and hang them from any garland you have set up around the house. Using the railing, similar to the photo below, is a unique way to show off the beautiful cards you receive this time of year!


These rustic picture frames lined with wire and clothespins are a beautiful way to display holiday cards. The variations in size and color give a uniqueness to this festive décor.


Lastly, these super easy DIY wreaths are creative décor that can really be displayed all winter. Grab some large snowflake decorations, add some small clothespins, glue, string, and you have yourself a very fast and fun way to display all the holiday cards from your friends and family.

Glue the clothespins onto the back of the snowflake so they are not visible. Add string to the top of the snowflake so it can be hung on a wall. You can get a better idea of what to do from the photos below.


The holidays are a sure way to devour a lot of details!

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