Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Engagement Photo Feature

I feel like my wedding fever has yet to die down. In the spirit of holy matrimony, I thought I'd feature some photographers who've captured two of my beautiful friends' engagements.
This first couple met in high school and are true soul-mates. I had the pleasure of befriending them both at Endicott College freshmen year. I'm thrilled to be attending their special day in June. Their joyous moment was captured by Thamer Photography Studios out of Windham, New Hampshire. Check out their website in the link below:

I knew this couple was meant to be the minute they got together. These two lovebirds met freshmen year at Endicott College and I've had the pleasure of sharing in some memorable experiences with them both. Metzger Studios out of Lexington, Massachusetts captured their engagement beautifully. Check out their website in the link below:

Lastly, I would like to feature a professor from Endicott's wife who takes beautiful pictures for all occasions but has incredible talent for taking engagement photos. Check out her work here:
Keep these photographers in mind when you're devouring your engagement details.

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