Monday, November 11, 2013

Have A 'Glowing' Sweet 16

I have a couple younger cousins who have yet to turn sixteen so I decided to start pulling together some ideas for their parties. I have a feeling this is one they will love. Ready? Set? Let's Glow!

First up, the invitations.. Personalize your neon invite by including the glowstick bracelet to express the theme!

Next, get glowing. You can hold this party at most indoor venues where you can hit the lights and cover the windows. Glowsticks, glow paint, glow everything, can basically be found at your local party stores, dollar stores, and craft stores.


Have this neon and black glow arch at the entrance to the party so your guests know where to go!
Carry the glowing balloon theme into the party as well. These awesome balloons really create a glow in the dark ambiance.
Create inexpensive d├ęcor by attaching glowstick bracelets together, making hanging chains around the party venue.
These glowstick centerpieces are fun and creative for this theme. They add to the glow ambiance and are also a cool way to display them for guests to take.
Use a large poster board and glow paint to create a unique guestbook and something for the sweet sixteener to keep to remember the night.
Glow in the dark hula-hoops, sunglasses, and personalized bracelets are all awesome party favors for this party theme. Your guests will be glowing all night!
Surprisingly enough, there are some sweet treats you can really make glow. Cotton candy, cupcakes, and birthday cake are the way to glow for feeding your guests.


Hope these ideas can sweeten any sixteenth birthday. Now glow and devour those details!

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