Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Party Favors

'Tis the season for holiday parties! Here are some great craft ideas you can give out to your party guests or bring as a gift to any party.

Paper flowers for presents are super easy to make and really add a personal touch to any giftwrap.

If you're really eco-friendly, this has got to be the best holiday craft ever. Take a clear ornament and fill it with old Christmas string lights that don't work anymore! Including a personal note like the one in the picture below can make this craft even more special. This gift is sure to impress and shine in any light.
For all of the wine lovers in your life, this idea is awesome! These cork snowflake ornaments are very unique and easy to make. Cut the corks down, shape out the snowflake, hot glue the corks together, then run any kind of ribbon with hot glue along the outside to create a hook and give the shape extra support.
Last but not least, transform a shadow box into gorgeous holiday décor. Here are the directions provided by The Periwinkle Pixies blog:
1. Gather Supplies:
  • Shadow Box frame  - $10 at ikea, comes in black or white
  • Your choice of scrapbook paper - trimmed to 9" square
  • Vinyl Lettering
  • Merry and Bright Box; 1 large box of multicolored mini ornaments, 1 small box of striped/dotted ornaments, (more if you want)
2. Apply Vinyl lettering to outside of shadow box. (If you apply the lettering right after opening the box packaging, you don't need to clean it, otherwise wipe with Windex)

3. Place box upside down and fill with desired amount of trinkets. 

4. Trim paper to appropriate 9" size, (closer to 9.25" so it fits firmly in the shadow box) Place behind  the trinkets and close up your box!

There are other variations of this gift that can be found on The Periwinkle Pixies blog as well.

Good luck devouring the details on these holly jolly holiday crafts!

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