Monday, November 4, 2013

Wedding Fever: Part Two

I am a sucker for romance and I know it probably seems like a cliché but I think that a Valentine's Day wedding would be perfection. I'm talking 'The Notebook' kind of perfection. We all want that fairytale wedding experience, why not make it that more romantic by having it on the most loving day of the year?

Let's start with the dress. I can't imagine a sexier wedding gown than this one with a heart-shaped cut-out back piece. I would absolutely wear this for my wedding.


The shoes, of course, are also important. Have your bridesmaids wear stunning red shoes so the Valentine's theme is carried out with style and passion.

Next, a romantic reception space. I was going for a country-side Valentine's wedding theme when picking out these ideas so a setup like this is amazing.
Keep the romance going with these awesome décor details. Paper heart chair charms add a pop of color to your tablescape.


Pinwheels and carnations are the cutest expressions of love. Perfect for centerpieces.


With the country-side reception space, serving drinks in mason jars with these adorable straws really complete the Valentine's theme.

Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake..
How sweet is this cake? Ombre outside and inside. Gorgeous.

Have your guests write well-wishes to you and your groom on these origami paper hearts and hang them on your flower arrangements around your country-side reception space for additional décor.

Last but not least, the perfect wedding favor in my eyes, these whimsical fortune cookies. I've had a thing for collecting fortunes since 2007. These are a must for my wedding. Fill them with sweet sayings and fortunes for your guests.

These sweet details are worth being devoured. I hope this post has appeased the appetites of all you hopeless romantics out there. May chivalry live on!

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