Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Breakfast On The Bridge

I was thinking back to one of my event classes at Endicott and remembered one of my favorite readings of an event that took place in Sydney, Australia. I guess it was so memorable to me because of the grandeur of the event. So, I thought it would be interesting enough to share with all of you.

As part of the Annual Crave Sydney International Food Festival, it was decided that the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge would shut down for a period of time so thousands of people could get together and enjoy some breakfast on it.

On October 25th, 2009, turf was laid across the eight lanes of asphalt, and 6,000 people had a picnic-like celebration on the bridge, accompanied by live music and cultural activities. The event was repeated in 2010 and although originally scheduled again for 2011, the event was moved to Bondi Beach because of the traffic concerns.

To really get the grandeur and importance of the event, check out this video I found showing what went into preparing, hosting, and publicizing Breakfast on the Bridge.

Can you imagine shutting down the Tobin Bridge and hosting this kind of event? That would be one for the books! Maybe someday I'll have my hands in on devouring the details of such a grand event.

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