Thursday, May 22, 2014

Boston Speaks Innovation With New Building

Unknown to me, as I'm sure it may be to many of you, a new unique and innovative venue called District Hall was opened in October 2013 right near Seaport Boulevard. This city-sponsored center with workspaces, classrooms, community rooms, and a restaurant comes as a sweet surprise to many in the community. The center was established out of a public-private partnership between the city of Boston and Boston Global Investors. The sleek, modern building by Boston-based Hacin + Associates offers a gorgeous civic space centered around collaboration.

Hacin's angular design was inspired by the former industrial nature of the neighborhood, which used to be a waterfront rail yard. With views of the harbor, large glass panels, and bright LED lights, District Hall becomes a beacon at night and a transparent advertisement for the various happenings within. The establishment is flexible and dynamic enough to house a variety of different functions--networking events, casual gatherings, and demonstrations of new technology.

Operations and programming are run by the Venture Café Foundation, a not-for-profit sister organization to the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC). Their hospitality partners are Gather and Brew, both operated by The Briar Group. The Briar Group is known for managing countless venues throughout Boston from Ned Devine's in Faneuil Hall to The Green Briar in Brighton. With the help of The Briar Group, District Hall is sure to take-off especially with summer around the corner, the time of year the Seaport really fills up.

Learn more about the innovation within District Hall and devour the details of this unique venue.

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