Wednesday, May 28, 2014

LumberJack and Jill Went Up A Hill..

To their bachelor/bachelorette party! That's right, bust out your best flannel and roll up the sleeves, it's time to embrace the wilderness. It's going down, we're yelling timber! Invite the wedding parties over to pregame before hitting the local bars for a fun night out on the town to celebrate.

Everyone must wear a flannel shirt!

Lumberjack signs

Lumberjack glam Christmas party-Dance your Ax off! I love this idea .... Next year :-)

Grab a button and let everyone know what team you're on!

How awesome are these?!  Would be a great idea to let your guests know who they're there for! (great convo piece)

Put your love on display with an awesome tablescape and food to satisfy everyone's hunger!

bbq party ideas - Google Search

What would a lumberjack want to eat? Corn on the cob, baked beans, sliders and fries, all good foods to mow down before heading out for some drinks.

Loved this idea of the corn on a wooden stick....keep the corn on a warmer/steamer with butter.

or for chili or the idea of the LumberJack & Jill couples shower!

Jacks and Jills can also snack on whatever you choose to fill these adorable brown paper bags with. This display works incredibly well with the lumberjack theme.

lumberjack birthday party ideas | Birthday Party Treats

Of course, my favorite part of any party is capturing it all on camera, so this photo-booth with lumberjack props is a must. I also love the use of a quilt as the backdrop.

vintage couple's shower Bridal/Wedding Shower Party Ideas | Photo 4 of 14 | Catch My Party


Lastly, before making your way to the bars, the wedding party deserves a shot or two. These 'lumberjack shots' are perfect for the occasion and surprisingly delicious.

Lumberjack shots

Lumberjack Shot
1 part Yukon Jack
1 part Bailey's Irish Cream
2 parts Butterscotch Schnapps
optional- a few drops of maple syrup
1 piece of crispy bacon
Mix the Yukon Jack, Bailey's and Butterscotch Schnapps together. Alternate eating the bacon and taking the shot. Tastes like pancakes (flapjacks)!
What a great way to get everyone together and devour the details before the big day!

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