Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Keeping Cool at Summer Weddings

How will you beat the heat this summer at all the weddings you have to attend? Don't worry, here are some ideas trendy brides can do to keep it cool on their special day!

Up first, be smitten - not bitten! Keep the bugs away at your wedding. Also a great idea to display sunscreen.

cute idea that we may have to use for our outdoor summer wedding "be smitten not bitten"

Fans and parasols make for a great way to keep cool and get some shade!

Programs that double as fans - either spread out like this, or printed on big semi-circles and stuck to popsicle sticks, this is a good idea.

So cute! Another #fan that doubles as a ceremony program {Reese Moore Weddings}

Umbrellas for guest, make your guests more comfortable in the sun.  Summer Wedding Ideas by Belle The Magazine

pink bridesmaid dresses photographed by True Photography

Get creative and give your guests something unexpected. From flip flops for their feet to some delicious frozen treats, your friends and family will love your ideas for beating the heat!

For guests so they can get out of those not-so-comfy heels!

Personalized shades to remember the occasion.

Summer Wedding Ideas - Ideas for Summer Weddings | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

Flavor Ice! Awesome treat for a summer wedding (Photo by Aaron Watson)

Hire a shaved-ice food truck! Treat your guests to their favorite flavors. A very unique element to your wedding.

Summer wedding ideas

Or if your crowd prefers ice-cream, these unbelievably cute ice-cream sandwiches will have them falling in love with the summer!

For a summer wedding ice cream sandwiches would be a welcomed sweet for your guests

Devour the hot summer wedding details and keep cool with these trendy and unique ideas!

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