Wednesday, May 7, 2014


The last couple of years, my dad has been lucky enough to attend EMC World, an IT technology conference. He has been dealing with computers practically his entire life. He learned how to write code in high school during a time when there were no computers provided in schools. He graduated from Wentworth and from there began his journey with computer technology. He has been at his current job for 24 years this year and continues to participate in lifelong-learning by attending conferences like this one.

Usually, I am not very intrigued by computer technology. I like the basics and mostly social media so when my dad starts talking about drives and restoring databases, I am totally lost. The reason I am posting about this conference is because of the corporate social responsibility they've included in their program. Any company willing to give back is worthy of a blog post.

Conference attendees were able to participate in a 'Waterwalk' in order to raise money for charity: water, a non-profit organization that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. Participants had to make a short walk carrying two 40-pound jerry cans full of water; something that women and children in developing nations do for hours each day to obtain water from a clean water source. In return, EMC donates $5 to the charity per participant. My dad was able to join in and raise money and most importantly awareness for the charity. With a passion for non-profits, I could not be more proud of my dad!

Read more about EMC and how they give back on their blog called Reflections: EMC Executives Report From The Road. If non-profits are something you are passionate about as well, make sure to show your support and join in any way you can; a donation or volunteer work goes a long way in this industry. Be sure to always give back and devour the details!

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