Monday, June 2, 2014

Boston Photo Booth

Saturday night I was in attendance at my friend's mom's 50th surprise party! The theme was "50 Shades of Lisa" and everyone got a bit wild with the drinks flowing and music going. There was catering from Dom's Sausage, a DJ we went to high school with, and of course (what I think is a great feature to any party) there was a photo booth!

The element that separated this photo booth company from others is that they created a scrapbook of the party! So what happens is, you go in to the booth and take 6 photos. When your pictures are printed, you can choose what half you want to keep and what half you want to share with the birthday girl. The photo booth employees will then insert the half into the scrapbook and you can leave a note beside your face! This was a unique way to create lasting memories and as the night went on, the pictures got funnier and funnier!

Check out Boston Photo Booth and let them devour the details at your next event!

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