Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Planning Your Next Meeting...At The Airport

As a meeting/administrative coordinator, I've found hosting meetings at an airport has become wildly popular. Not only is it extremely convenient, but it also can save your business money. With shrinking budgets for meetings comes a rise in utilizing your immediate destination, the airport.

Meeting planners are finding that regional and district meetings with an element of training have replaced the longer getaway in some cases. The only transportation required is a flight and this way there's no need to be away from home or the office for lengthy periods of time. Basically, the airport conference center minimizes travel logistics and the need for extensive planning/spending.

Seeing this demand and trend, airports started reconfiguring areas not suitable for other concessions. With this consolidation, airports have also become more competitive with one another, as well as nearby airport hotels (which usually require a shuttle or van to reach). As a result, airport hotels are also renovating to meet the competition.

Meeting space isn't the only amenity airports are working to be recognized for; they are also improving food and beverage as well. With restaurants created by Wolfgang Puck and other celebrity chefs, airports are truly stepping up their appeal as a meeting venue. Being in the industry, this is an interesting trend to see grow.

Read more about airport meetings and devour the details the next time you step off a plane!

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