Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fiery Love

Even though there is some tragedy within this story, it is still beautiful. An Oregon couple was disrupted on their special day by a wildfire that spread pretty rapidly in the area of their wedding venue. In the midst of the ceremony, a fire truck rolled up at Rock Spring Ranch near Bend with sirens blaring and the wedding party was told to evacuate.

Before the bride and groom got on their way to sharing newlywed bliss far from the blaze, their wedding photographer snapped some photos of them, These turned out to be some of the most beautiful images any wedding photographer could've taken; symbolic of a fiery love.

In this June 7 photo provided by Josh Newton, newlyweds Michael Wolber and April Hartley posed for a picture near Bend, Ore., as a wildfire burned in the background. Because of the approaching fire, the minister conducted an abbreviated ceremony and the wedding party was evacuated to a downtown Bend park for the reception.
Credit: AP Photo/Josh Newton

josh newton wildfire wedding photos
Credit: Josh Newton

Lucky for this couple, photographer Josh Newton knew how to devour the details and continue to make this a special day for the newlyweds. Be sure to check out this photo gallery as well as his other featured work at

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