Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Me, You, and Glasses for Two, At The Franklin Park Zoo

In college, I did a project where I had to plan an awards ceremony for a company that trains seeing-eye dogs. I decided to hold the event at a zoo. I was so inspired with the work they do with dogs, that I thought why not let them celebrate with a whole bunch of animals! Sure enough, it was a successful project, and definitely a memorable one. That's why when I saw this event actually happen, I knew I had to blog about it.

The Franklin Park Zoo hosted their first ever 'Uncorked' event featuring wine tastings and snacks in the Tropical Forest Pavilion. Boston Uncorked hosts a variety of wine-related events in and around Boston. Their events include everything from walk-around tastings to educational forums. Each event is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to explore a collection of wines in a friendly and social atmosphere.

Guests tasted sips from Twelfth Night by Vela Wines, Indaba Wine by Cape Classics, Barefoot Wine and Bubbly, The Naked Grape, Sexy Wine, Tricky Rabbit, and Stray Dog, while spending some quality time with the zoo’s animals. Proceeds from the event went toward funding Franklin Park’s conservation and education initiatives. Check out pictures and more information here.

The Franklin Park Zoo will also be hosting a 'Brew at the Zoo' event in August (actually on my birthday, so I should most definitely attend). Brew at the Zoo is a beer-tasting event that features stations hosted by local breweries and restaurants. You will also have the opportunity to stroll amongst the animals at the zoo. Actually, this is the first year the entire Zoo will be open for the event! Get more information and your tickets online at the Franklin Park Zoo website.

What a great way to devour the details while visiting your favorite zoo animals!

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