Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Monday Mashups: Olympic Teambuilding

Happy belated Monday Mashup! Our apologies on the delay, we've been traveling and celebrating the best birthday a girl could ask for! So let's jump right in. Since the Olympics have been taking over everything from television and social media to cereal boxes and athletic apparel, we thought we might as well join in on the action. Check out these three Olympic-themed ideas for teambuilding at your next meeting/event!

Extreme Lawn Games

Olympic-Style Lawn Games

You haven't seen it all until you watch one of these games in full-effect! These plastic zorb balls make for a fun afternoon activity and really get folks working together since they can't use their arms to play. Teams can be designated by country just like the Olympics!

Build a Boat Challenge

Build a Boat

The activity invites participants to work together to build cardboard boats that float. After building the boat and choosing captains, two teams face off in a race. Just make sure you take all safety precautions before jumping in to this activity. Life-vests are a must! First, second and third place can be determined by the fastest times (and if their boat stays afloat)!

Partnered Obstacle Course

Let The Games Begin

Make a run for it with your partner tied to your side! Split groups into teams identified by colored bandanas and/or t-shirts. Activities in the course can include sack races, creating a team anthem, and an inflatable jousting challenge to win gold, silver, and bronze medals. Fun for everyone!

Your colleagues will surely love these Olympic-themed teambuilding activities--anything beats a day in the office! Devour the details of these awesome ideas and take home gold for a successful and fun meeting/event!

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