Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wedding Wednesdays: When Pinterest Trolls Your Engagement Ring Board

We're all guilty of doing it. Scrolling for hours through millions of potential engagement rings, round, square (cushion), rectangular (princess, Asscher, emerald, radiant), heart-shaped, pear-shaped, oval, or marquise cuts (like a pear but pointed on both ends), pinning them to your board, dropping a few hints to your future husband. White-gold, rose-gold, silver or antique with gemstones or diamonds, the pinning never stops. This is nothing to be ashamed of! In fact, Pinterest loves when we do this. They've been trolling our engagement ring boards, collecting data and releasing trend reports that are just going to take this obsession to the next level! It's okay, we're ready for it!

Pinterest can't confirm the validity of the third-party analytics tool that was used but they did share current data about trends that are happening at this very second. So what's really hot right now? Without a doubt, it's pear-shaped diamonds, which have increased in popularity by 100 percent since last year and we totally understand why! Celebs including Anna Kournikova, Katherine Heigl and Victoria Beckham, to name a few, all share this stunning-cut in common and it is as unique and gorgeous as they are.

Katherine Heigl Pear Engagement Ring

From the trend repot, one could gather that classic diamonds will continue to hold the title for being the iconic marriage stone, but other gemstones are gaining in popularity too. Colored gemstones, specifically morganite (like the one from the recent Pretty Little Liars proposal, #Ezria) with a 62 percent increase and opal with a 42 percent increase, are on its tail. We certainly favor gemstones and appreciate a creative combination of both diamonds and gemstones as a stunning engagement ring.

In the classic ring category, trending styles include three-stone designs (58 percent increase), solitaire rings (37 percent increase), pavé settings (24 percent increase) and halo accents (11 percent increase).
If your unsure of what these styles are, definitely take the time to research and figure out the types of rings you favor when pinning. In addition to Pinterest's trend report, there's also been an increase in millennial couples interested in lab-created diamonds. A recent consumer research study found that 55 percent of respondents (age 21 to 35) would consider buying an engagement ring with a lab-grown diamond, which was mostly driven by an interest of being eco-friendly. How different is that?

When it comes down to it, it's all about finding that ring that's right for you and your partner's style and budget. However, we encourage you to continue to pin and devour the details of scrolling and saving until the perfect ring comes your way!

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