Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wedding Wednesdays: Just JT Tearing Up Some Hearts Over the Weekend

Happy Wedding Wednesday! We're sure you 90's babies all remember this epic record.

How could you not? Am I right? Well Justin Timberlake was at it again over the weekend, definitely tearing up a number of hearts with his surprise visit to a New Hampshire wedding on Saturday.

Yes, you read that right. Though he didn't dress for the occasion and belt out Grammy Award-winning track "Suit & Tie", he did join the now-newlyweds for an unexpected photo-op! The bride, Chelsey Gaudet, posted the photo on Facebook of herself with Timberlake and her new husband, Ryan Parks. The appearance of the singer, actor, and undoubtedly biggest 90's heartthrob of any boy band, took the newlyweds completely by surprise.

The unexpected drop-in played out as so; the couple was taking their first look photos and all of a sudden Justin Timberlake appeared out of nowhere, shakes Parks's hand, congratulates the two and poses for a quick photo. Little did they know, Gaudet's father saw Timberlake eating lunch near the wedding venue, the Mount Washington Hotel, and asked him for the favor. What a sweet surprise!

Mr. and Mrs. Parks thought it was awesome of JT to do that but had no idea it would go this viral in such a short time. It is definitely a memorable moment of their big day they will likely never forget (especially anytime Justin comes on the radio)! Congrats Chelsey and Ryan and kudos to Mr. Timberlake for devouring the details of this epic wedding photo-op!

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