Monday, October 14, 2013

Have a Supreme Halloween

Sweet treats and (witch)crafty décor, everything to feed your guests' undead needs..

First up, Candy Corn Screwdriver from Betty Crocker

1  cup vodka
1 1/2  cups pulp-free orange juice
16  candy corn candies

Next, and my personal favorite.. DIY: Pumpkin Keg

You will need:

1 large pumpkin
1 tap spigot
Serrated knives


1) Cut a circle around the top stem with a large serrated knife, like you’re making a jack-o-lantern.

2) Scoop out all the pulp and seeds and pumpkin guts. Scrape the interior to eliminate the earthy taste seeping into the beer.

3) Draw a small circle near the bottom of the pumpkin where your spigot will go, and carefully cut around it. Use a small serrated knife, as you want to be precise. The hole must be slightly smaller than the spigot.

4) Pop the spigot in the hole, and twist and turn to make sure it gets all the way through the wall of pumpkin.

5) Pour any fall spiced beer into the pumpkin.

6) Drink, without delay. The beer will make the pumpkin spoil pretty fast, as well as get absorbed into the squash walls. But, for a Halloween Soiree, nothing’s better.

A Spooktacular Tablescape to catch everyone's eyes with levels for a picturesque Halloween-scene

Trick or Treat? Something fairly cheap for the Witches and Warlocks to eat.. Popcorn and decorative Caramel Apples

Use a tree candleholder like the one above to serve the popcorn cones

Hopefully with these fun ideas to devour the details, your guests with surely have a mouthful!

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