Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bachelor Bros & Burlesque Shows

So I was recently told that my posts are mainly geared towards women; with that in mind I decided to switch it up and put something together for the men that read my blog (though I don't think there are that many haha). And what's a better male celebrated event than a bachelor party? I plan on keeping it classy but maintaining the whole 'one last night of freedom' thing. Bros, this one's for you.

Strippers, party buses, booze, oh my.. How about giving something else a try?

Welcome to the world of burlesque. Sexy but classy, these ladies put on a pleasurable show with leaving a little something to the imagination. Now, burlesque shows can be found all over. I did a quick Google search and found a few in Boston and of course the more well-known Vegas acts.

Boston Babydolls and Rogue Burlesque are two of the groups that put on shows in Boston. Definitely something to look into if you're keeping your bachelor party local.

If you're looking to venture to Vegas, X Burlesque at The Flamingo is the place to go. Since the Peepshow has ended, this is the hottest new burlesque show on the strip. Tickets need to be purchased way in advance but it's worth it.

Now, for the other details..

I personally think it's classier to pull up to any of the burlesque venues and clubs/bars in a limo.

Lots of alcohol is definitely a requirement but I also think bottle service is a must for the after-party at a club or bar.

The Liberty Hotel is the perfect hotel to stay at in Boston for a bachelor party. It's classy but stylish and filled with young professionals almost every night of the week.

Palms Casino Resort is the ultimate 'What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas' hotel. With rooms like the Two Story Sky Villa, you can't go wrong (but you might be in debt after).

Bachelor bros, I'm hoping this post has given you some ideas to devour the details in a classier way that won't make your fiancé as mad. Enjoy your last night of freedom!

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