Monday, October 21, 2013

Wedding Fever

I feel like I'm at that age where all of my friends are either getting engaged and planning their weddings or are super, super single, like me. This makes me feel like a young Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex in the City episode "Bay of Married Pigs". Carrie contemplates whether there is a secret war going on between the singles and the married. Well, I can relate. Obviously I would love to be planning my own wedding but I also like to spend my weekends socializing, in a single-manner. So, I'll just blog some design ideas instead.

Inspired by another TV-show, Four Weddings on TLC, each bride had their very own New Orleans wedding. Here's a clip:

These design ideas can be found on Pinterest but make sure you include your own personal touches to make it your own.

Color scheme.. Mardi Gras.. Use this fun decorative mask to create your color scheme; purple, green, and gold.

This bride carried the color scheme into her beautiful bouquet.
Check out this Crystal Fleur de Lis, gold, green, and purple guest book! Great idea to have something with your theme that you can hang onto forever.
Wedding receptions are a beautiful place to really display your theme. Consider these purple floral arrangements and table-settings when designing your wedding. Also, for the outdoor lounge area, gold pillows can be used instead of the ones in the photo below.

If you're looking to create a reception that is a little more southern, this beautiful lighted table-setting is perfect.

What's a New Orleans wedding without a jazz band?


This beautiful bride pulls off the Mardi Gras purple theme with this layered-ombre gown and feathered umbrella. Absolutely stunning.

I hope these design ideas were able to give you a craving to devour the details when planning your wedding.

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