Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Brew Up Some Love

What's a great way to impress your significant other? How about taking them on a fairytale date in your own backyard and living room. Tea, macaroons, flowers, and tipis. Have you ever seen anything so romantic?

Table for two? Yes please! Bring out the fairytale element with this simple color palette that will flow throughout the entire date.

Keep the pastels going with the tea kettle and cups. Nothing sweeter than this arrangement.

In addition, these cute marshmallows dipped to look like cupcakes could be used to sweeten the tea. I would even consider changing the marshmallows to sugar cubes and make these tea-stirrers.

After your relaxing cup of tea, take it inside to this cozy tipi setup for some snuggling.
I hope this post gives you the ability to devour the details on your next date!

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