Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wine & Dine with Style

One of my favorite weekly activities is a wine night with my closest girlfriends. A casual catch-up over a Bordeaux blend; nothing better. Here are some ideas from Pinterest that will take wine night from your kitchen table to an elegant Mediterranean-style dining arrangement. Enjoy!

First, get a couple of different bottles of wine. I typically enjoy Pinot Grigio for white and Pinot Noir for red.

As an appetizer..

Black or rye bread with an olive oil and honey spread topped with roasted goat cheese and figs. Delicious!

And for the main course..
Setup a Pasta Bar! What could be better than creating your own pasta dish to go with your favorite glass of wine. Lay out big bowls of cooked pasta, difference sauces, grilled chicken or ground-sausage, lots of toppings and let your guests devour!


For your tablescape, put together a beautiful rustic arrangement. Synthetic flowers like these can be purchased at your local Christmas Tree Shop.


Create a memorable centerpiece with wine bottles from previous wine nights by filling them with string lights or tea lights that you can also find at a Christmas Tree Shop near you.

Lastly, why not give your guests something to take home with them? Continue the rustic-Mediterranean-feel by wrapping large wine glasses with stamped burlap. Incorporate personal touches by stamping your friends' initials onto the burlap so they have their own special glass. The inspiration for this came from the photo below. Supplies can be found at Wal-Mart and your local crafts store.
Hopefully you can use these elegant ideas to devour the details and give your guests a mouthful!

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