Thursday, October 17, 2013

Paint Bar Party

The newest "Girls Night Out" trend is to attend a paint bar but.... why not host your own?

The Artist Bar is a company that will come to your home and setup the art lesson the same as if you were to attend one of the paint bars. Check out their website here to see what they're all about:

Another option is just to put the paint lesson together yourself. There are many tutorials and paint demonstrations on YouTube that can be used, just like this one:

Now, onto the details to make this a memorable party..

First, make sure you setup a bar; beer and wine should do the trick. Get creative with it. Take large empty paint canisters, fill them with ice, and chill your white wines and beer in them. Stack extra canvases to create height on the bar for glasses and red wines to sit on. Incorporate vases  or smaller paint canisters to hold paint brush bouquets. Try to be as colorful as possible or stick with a black and white scheme.

For some sweet treats while you're painting, fill glass paint canisters with assorted colors of your favorite candies. Add these paint brush tags to label the candies.
Lastly, these cute paint brush inspired, chocolate drizzled rice krispie treats, can be used as favors for your guests to take home and enjoy later. Something to remind them of the fabulous night they had along with their painting.
Get creative with these fun tips and keep devouring those details!

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