Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Brew For You

If you're ever looking for something to do in Rhode Island, and you enjoy a good beer and rum that will put some hair on your chest, I highly recommend checking out Newport Storm Microbrewery. We were there on Saturday and had a great time. The guys behind the bar, Riley Mello and Zach Davis, were so friendly and really accommodating. They paid a great amount of attention to each person that was participating in the beer or rum tastings. There had to have been a good sixty people there that were all being served in a timely and friendly manner.

We love, love, love breweries so we stopped Riley for a minute when he wasn't behind the bar and asked him some questions about the brewery and about other breweries in the area. It was great to get a little background info from him and figure out what else is around there. He even hooked us up with some stickers. Zach was awesome when it came to explaining the rum and beers. He had been at the brewery for a good four hours before serving us and still had a smile on his face. Both just genuinely great guys who love what they are doing.

Taking the self-guided tour there was a lot of fun. They have a timeline display that takes up a whole wall, sharing stories of how the brewery came to be. Newport Storm Microbrewery even had a feature on Dirty Jobs that they have playing on a TV at the end of the tour. It was cool to see the kind of camaraderie throughout the entire brewery from the staff to the founders and brewers. Their friendship and love for beer and rum is evident, making their libations taste that much better.

They also have an awesome gear store. Seriously, this is one of the first breweries I've seen to have a ton of product in their store (besides maybe Magic Hat and Shipyard, that are larger breweries and more well-known). T-shirts, bathing suits, polos, hats, and even bars of soap. And spoiler alert: the best part of the whole tasting is you get to take the glasses you use home with you! They even provide a wrapping station in the store area where you can roll your glass in newspaper and bag it so it doesn't break on the ride home.

I shouldn't really say that was the BEST part because of course the best part was the beer and rum. Holy hell if you like a good rum, you need to try their Thomas Tew Rums. Three rums were provided for the tasting, some being over 180 proof. I surely started getting sweaty and red in the face after my second sip. All I can say is, that was some good rum! The beers were great too. With seven beers on tap, they let you try four of them. We had the IPA, R.hode I.sland P.umpkin, Summer Hefeweizen, and InfRIngement, which was my favorite! Across the board, we give them many thumbs up. Definitely beers worth traveling to try.

And really the BEST best part of all was that the tasting was $7 for samples of four beers and a souvenir glass and $9 for samples of three rums and a souvenir glass. It really doesn't get much better than this brewery! Newport Storm Brewery has a ton of events coming up and also hosts bachelor/bachelorette parties, private events, birthdays, etc. So, if you're brew lovers like us, you should definitely head over to Rhode Island to devour the details with these awesome guys. Thanks Newport Storm Brewery for showing us a great time!

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