Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wacky Wedding Weekend

If you're planning your wedding around Halloween and you want to dress your best, we've got some costume ideas you'll really enjoy. There has actually been a number of weddings where couples, guests or both have gotten into character. Even if you’re not having a Halloween weekend wedding, you can still have some fun with costumes and props. You can get wacky with masks, wigs and hats in your photo booth, have a specific theme you can dress up for, like Great Gatsby-inspired, or just make your reception one big costume party!

A Clue-inspired theme

Cluedo Murder Mystery by

A Steam Punk-inspired theme

Google Image Result for

A Fairy-inspired theme

Why We Love It: The bride wore fairy wings down the aisle in this beautiful Halloween-themed wedding!

A Masquerade-inspired theme

If someone talked me into a Halloween wedding, I would love to do a masquerade ball theme.

A Roaring 20's-inspired theme

1920s fashion themed wedding rehearsal dinner at Kenwoon Inn and Spa, Madina Vadache mini dress, photos by Beautiful Day Photography

A Costume Party Reception

Halloween Wedding Costume Ideas |

Don't be afraid of devouring the wacky wedding details on your big day!

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