Monday, October 13, 2014

Symbolic Wedding Tattoos

Instead of your usual wedding rings, some people opt into getting something you can't take off that easily: tattoos. A great way to display your love for one another, in the eyes of some, this is a true sign of commitment. The idea here is to memorialize wedding day vows to your partner with some ink on a ring finger in place of or in addition to an actual engagement ring and wedding band. If the ring finger isn't a spot you want to cover, consider a matching tattoo on a different body part. Check out these couples' symbols of holy matrimony for some ideas!


Till death do we part!!!

45 of the best Wedding Ring Tattoos

We want to get this on our first wedding anniversary. We were married in Vegas and will go back for the anniversary and get the tattoos while we are there.

In case you ever have to take the ring off ;) I'd love to do this, but my husband refuses to 'mark' his body :(

shine bright like a diamond wedding ring tattoos © Bowerbird Photography 2013.

Do what suits you and devour the details of your wedding day tattoos!

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