Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Far From Botanical Boutonnieres

As a bride, you pretty much have control over all of your wedding decisions. This can make your future hubby feel a little left out. Give your groom a chance to add his creativity to the wedding by having him pick out the groomsmen boutonnieres! It's an awesome way to contribute and a fun element that everyone will notice. Check out these ideas that are far from your average botanical boutonnieres!

For a marksman..

Men's wedding shotgun shell boutonniere by ItsADucksLife on Etsy, $5.00 (or DIY!!)

For a man in the service..

Yellow and Gray Wedding | Groom's Boutonniere

For a superhero..

Unique Boutonniere Ideas for a Wedding or Prom - #boutonnieres- (action figures)

For a Lego lover..

Unique Non-Floral Boutonniere Ideas: LEGO or superheo figurines

For a nautical captain..

Starfish boutonniere: beach wedding buttonhole #unique_boutonniere

For a wine connoisseur..

tell me the guys wouldnt love this! Something I have never seen before, very different! For more wedding inspiration please visit

For a man with meaning..

I love the idea of incorporating little photos of loved ones in boutonnieres and bouquets

For a man with the force on his side..

Lego Yoda boutonniere! photo by Red White & Green Photography #boutonniere #yoda #whimsy

For a child at heart..

This is what I was thinking for a boutonniere but with a flower or something else besides a wood chip lol

And so many more..

Fun Non-Floral Boutonnieres

Super creative and unique boutonnieres. Could be really fun to make and personalize. I'm seeing one made of magic cards for Ben. :D

Creative Boutonnieres that reflect the bride and groom's interests. (guitar pick, dominoes, race car, sports)

Get your groom to devour the details with these daring and brave boutonnieres that will add his touch to your wedding day!

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