Thursday, October 16, 2014

Drink Pink and Donate!

One of Boston's well-known bars, Howl At The Moon, is celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness month the best way they know how--with drinks! Howl At The Moon has a drink called Pink Paradise on their menu that donates a portion of it's proceeds to the Open Arms Breast Caner Outreach Fund. They don't just donate in October; they make it a year-round campaign, supporting different charities each year. But they do kick it up a notch when October rolls around.

Dare I say it, Breast Cancer Awareness Month has this bar howling at the boobies! Throughout the month of October, you can purchase their breast cancer awareness t-shirt and Howl At The Moon will donate 100% of the profits to charities and research foundations!


Howl At The Moon's support has been tremendous and they're seeing an increase in donations with the help of the t-shirts and Pink Paradise menu change. Customers can now purchase a Pink Paradise in any size; a 24oz bone, or share the 86oz bucket. Keep the drinks pouring and the donations rolling!

This is not just going on in their Boston location. They have the same campaign running in multiple locations across the U.S. So make sure you stop by, drink pink, and Howl at the Boobies! You will be changing lives with your generosity. Don't be afraid to devour the details and donate today; someone will be very thankful you did!


Shout out to my sister who told me about this awesome campaign! She's a proud supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness!

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