Monday, October 20, 2014

Boston Sneaker Jam

If you were late to the party like me, you probably missed this awesome event. This past weekend, the Seaport World Trade Center hosted the Boston Sneaker Jam - encouraging all "Sneakerheads" to show up rocking their craziest pair. It is the world's largest sneaker event and is becoming a cornerstone of the sneakerhead culture.

At the event you can demonstrate, network, shop, learn and exchange stories and experiences. They offer rare sneakers and memorabilia, and a sneaker exchange and trading floor where you can buy, sell, and trade collectables. Manufacturers and designers are there as vendors with urban apparel and the latest fashions on display. There is a Street Art Gallery and some skateboarding demos happening simultaneously, as well as DJs and musicians playing live music. Their main attraction is the Sneaker Fashion Show featuring guest celebrities. And for the learning aspect, they have panels and lectures guests can attend to begin exploring the realm of sneaker fashion.

Boston Sneaker Jam has a unique way of devouring the details that we truly appreciate. Check out their website for more sneaker information and updates for next year's.

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